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Hi guys,

Just wanted to share this information from a customer with an absolute beast of a diesel.

With some universal do88 pipes and joiners as well as a custom made pipe he's fitted an ICM-110 to his 9-3 1.9 TiD

(this intercooler doesn't fit as standard on this model due to the increased inlet and outlet diameters)

Here are some photos and some more information below:

Custom Hybrid Turbo (TDI Turbos)
56mm billet comp wheel
uprated 360 degree thrust
step gap seals
Pro vent 200 crank case ventilation - custom fit (removed OEM breather)
2.5 inch exhaust system
Downpipe from JTD performance (off 159 alfa)
Swirl flaps blanked
Refurbished standard injectors with upgraded plugs/wiring
V6 brakes all round
Poly bushed anti-roll bars
Bilstein b8's with Eibach springs
Do88 v6 intercooler - custom pipes

Currently running at 190 BHP, more to follow!
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