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Hi Lads,

After searching various sites there were conflicting advice on fitting a dedicated tow-bar.

So thought to put this advice down as it worked for us.

Cars to have tow-bar fitted 2003 9-3 vector sport automatic and manual my car and my mates (Manual)

We fitted the tow-bar and plugged in the connector - Nothing working on trailer, with and with out the trailer module (fitted to my car)

I had finally got the Tech 2 to work and I found you had to switch on the trailer lights a bit by bit tedious as you have to do it for each one.

So shot around to my mates who has trailer plugged into to it and all working fine great.

So plugged Tech 2 in to mates car switched everything on - nothing only difference he did not have a Trailer module. So he got one from ebay, plugged it in and hey presto everything worked (Trailer lights recognized as we had switched them on previously (see above).

So to conclude you do the following.

1.Fit towbar with dedicated connector in to trailer socket in rear fuse panel.
2.Fit trailer module into rear fuse panel.
3. Connect Tech2 and switch one all the lights 1 by 1.
4. Connect trailer and check everything works.

Hopefully everything is now working note we were fitting a 7 pin trailer socket and not the 13 pin version if you are fitting this you need to fit a mini fuse in position no 8 in rear fuse panel.

Hope this helps


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