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So I'm looking at my first car and the other night I stumbled upon three cars, first a 1996 5dr Saab 900 S with only 89,000Km and the price is $7,444 negotiable; heres a weblink:

Next one was a beautiful Black 3dr Saab 9-3 S with 154,000Km it has a sticker price of $5999 but the owner said he could knock it back to $3999.
Heres a pic

The last one was another 3dr 9-3 S blue with 150,XXXKm on it. It has leather however the front seats need to be replaced because of the state the leather is in. It has been sitting in the yard for about a year and they'd started using it for parts, thats why its missing the light switch. This one has good bodywork and is only $2,500.

Tell me what you guys think ?
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