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Well, after 13 months of essentially problem free driving with my 9-3, I am disappointed. With all the high tech gagetry in the SAAB, what fails? The battery. Of course, the car doesn't go without the battery and we were rescued by SAAB Roadside Assistance, which I give a thumbs up for the experience.
I finally figured out why GM cars score so poorly in reliability - its the Delco parts. I've had my Catera for 8 1/2 years and I have lost count of the number of Delco batteries and alternators they have put in there. If I were now to fill out the Consumer Reports survey, I would have to report an "electrical problem". With the small sample space of SAABs, no wonder the 9-3 rates below average in reliability by CR.


'04 Nocturne Blue Arc
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