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Hi all. I have a 92 900 hatchback with some serious leaks. I finally figured out the source of the water on the floor behind the driver's seat. There was a tiny bit of a branch stuck in the weatherstripping behind the rear window. When it rained a drop would fall on the back seat, drip over to the wall, and make its way down to the floor! Can you believe that one? It took hours to find that crazy leak.

Now I'm trying to fix the leaking hatch. The drains in the spoiler are working fine but when there's a good size rainfall it still builds up above the seal and drips into the hatch. Can this be fixed? I tried putting a bead of clear caulk around the seal but it didn't help.

Is the problem the rubber seal or some sort of inner seal holding in the glass? I really don't have any clue how a window is put together! Is this something a glass place can fix? Can you even get those seals anymore?


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