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install was fairly straight foward

you do need to custome make some stuff for it but nothing hard, lets see first off, the 190 has pigtail connectors but there really close together (its meant for a plastic plug in style that i didn't recieve) so i just went out and bought some insulated pig tails in case the touched. than the fact that the 190 is alot bigger than teh stocker mean you can't re-use the stock fileter assembly, not too of a problem since teh 190 has a built in screen, I didn't bother to try and make it work, cuz i was going to lol. than you have to cut the hard plastic lines to the old pump. I just went to autozone got some hoseclamps and about an inch and ahalf of fuel hose the fit perfectly over the hard plastic line and the fuel pump nipple (its good to 53 psi, and a piece that short should not be breaking anything soon). Than I just clamp the new line over the old one (went on remarkably tight), than took some mig wire and made a cradle for it to hand onto the original assembly so it wasn't dangling

I don't know if I'm imagining or what but my fuel cut is hitting at 15.5 anymore, I'm spiking and hold a steady 17psi in 3rd and 4th and the top end pulls so much stronger, but i think that is due in part to my old fp performing less than par.

Basically for 75 bucks shipped to my door, 5 dollars in insulated pig tail connectors and the free bit of hose the gave me, it was well worth my dollar, the top end pulls like it never has before, even when i got the dar almost 3 years ago, it never pulled this hard on the top end. My heavy right foot is causing concern for my tires (which already need replacing) as first and second gear, aren't really um getting traction anymore.

Next thing to do is go get some aluminum and pop rivet in over that damn hole i had to cut in the car, and while i'm at it i'm going to make a rear strut brace (like teh one mp performance used to offer) figure while i'm at teh steel yard might as well buy another 10 bucks in steel tubing and plate (actually i have some pretty thick plate lying around)
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