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figure this one out...

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Lately i have been having a weird problem with my car, I will be driving , no matter which gear, and then if i floor it, it feels like the car isnt relaly pulling hard at all. Boost level stays exactly the same but the car just doesnt pull as hard, then near the top of each gear it will pull hard again. I dont understand why it would be foing this, and am trying to diagnose it. I just dynoed the car and it only had this "hiccup" in power at the beginning of the third run. at the point of this hiccup, a/f ratio did not fluctuate either, i really have no clue what could do this.

Could it be a slipping torque converter???
I thought it could b a clogged cat, but the 3" cat is only about 2 1/2months old so that doesnt make much sense at all...

Also if i do change my maf and install a new one, could that possibly cause my car to run leaner???? because my car is running rich right now and i do now want to make it lean...

I am thinking the car could be pulling timing for sum reason.. but why???
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Bad gasoline can cause problems with the maf. Sometimes these problems are permenant. I beleive mg_td had his maf replaced after bad gas caused damage. Maybe he could shed some more light on this topic.
i dont think its was bad gas, gas has no contact with a maf, so that doesnt make sense, but i did have a bad maf, i just had consistantly low boost, you rode in the car with it like that.
i am just worried that if i do change the maf, that i will get leaner mixture, also bad gas can not ruin a maf.... that doesnt even make sense...:roll:
more likely rico a new functioning maf will have a mixture that the car wishes to have, if you are getting the same boosti would doubt the maf.
Hey that's straight out of the mouth of the guy at Portland Saab, you know, the tall goofy guy. T7 is not my field, anyways....
with the cross necklace or the other one? eh, ill refrain from comment.
No, I remember asking what the final thing was that they found. He said bad gas caused the maf to have to correct. And it didn't want to go back after this. It was the cross necklace guy btw... I know I shouldn't listen to those guys....
hey i told you who to ask for down there!!! haha tell him your a friend of mine. not that it will matter, he's a good guy.

and ricot, what octaine are you running? same gas station? hows the condition of your bpv and MBC? they can get dirty. i know my cars acting a ittle weird now. 2-4 it hits 15 then slips to 10. then in 5th it with hit and hold 15. go figure.

Pull the MAF and take a look. It could be dirty. You have a modifed intake with a cone filter right? Is it oiled? The MAF could be coated in oil or other dirt. You should be able to pull one screen and clean it if it is dirty. You will get a CEL if mixtures run too lean as the T-7 will tell you these things quickly. Hiccup in Boost pressure could also be a BPC starting to react slowly and possibly on its way to failure. Solenoid piston or port could be dirty and reacting slowly similar to a dirty BPV.

Looks like you're also running 6's for plugs? Might be too hot.
i have 7s in again.. stock air box... new bpc solenoid.. two differnet di cassettes... and i just picked up another maf off a GM car... i need to go back and get the harness... i also just got an a/f gauge which i am not really worried bout. but anyway i have tried lots of ****.. all i have left is to get teh wires and the harness for the gm maf then plug it in....
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