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Father Curbed My Bbs Rims!!

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:cry: Long story short my dad smacked a curbed in my car while I was with him...

They are BBS RK wheels and I want to try the repair myself without having a shop do the work....
I have looked at the Article the guy did to repair his porsche wheel and my rash is basically the same...
Now my question is does anyone know the appropriate paint that would match to the BBS wheel finish

Here is a pic of the wheel
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You can't get a perfect match for BBS wheel paint in the US. It's what they call "brilliant silver", and it gets its shine from a chemical that's illegal to bring into the US. Tire Rack sells very small vials of the official touch-up paint, but they're about $20. Wheel repair shops can get pretty close, but it's usually best to do both wheels on the side so they'll still match.
Thank you...
I am going to check with a local wheel specialist and see if they can just repair the curb rash without having to do the entire wheel....
Thanks Again!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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