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Hello guys!

This morning getting into my car i was feeling a strange, low thin noise before even placing the ignition switch to start up the car. When I started up on the SID I had the warning for the passenger seat coming up even though I was alone in the car. I left it as it is and on the way I picked the belt and switched it so it stopped. It looks funny though with the belt switched and nobody sitting!
When I stopped the car I restarted again and then no warning sign was up on the SID. I am not convinced that this was just a false alarm and will never come up again... Maybe tomorrow or one of the following days it will appear again. Just to note that this morning was nearly 0 degrees (I don't know if temperatures might affect sensors etc). Btw, I hadn't move or tried to clean under the passenger's seat these days in order to suspect that I dsconnected by mistake anything there. I will wait and see how it goes.
Does anybody have a clue on this and if problems like this (since they appear once) indicate a real problem and not simply a false alarm? I hope it doesn't cost much to replace any damaged sensor if this is the case...
Thanks in advance!

2 options...

1st, the sensor is going bad
2nd, the items on the seat is making it go off.

If you have nothing on the seat then it is a sensor. Do a search, there was a fix someone did with making a resistor kit that disconnected the sensor but made the car believe it was connected and made it think the seat belt was on/in place.

I have the same problem with mine...I throw my backpack on the seat, it will show the warning. It used to piss me off and I would slam my fist down on the seat and it would go off, but I got used to it. Also, try to just jiggle the wires under the seat...just for shyts n giggles. Personally, I got used to it and it isnt worth the money to fix or make a resistor...i just have to remember to to put a heavy back pack on it.
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