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So I went for my emmissions test yesterday, the mighty 9-5 failed.
The No2 was just short of double what it should be. THe entire exhaust system is only about 2 years old so I dont think the CAT has gone bad. However I was wondering, since my antilock module is out, giving no speedo readings, could that have advanced the timeing when doing the rpm tests, so that it was buring hot creating too much nitrogen oxide?
I would love to hear opinions on this.
PS - the car has just under 400K on it, but the engine seems to be in good working order.
let the advice abound!

check for exhaust leaks before the o2 sensor. and check the MAF sensor and clean or replace it. check for vacuum leaks after the MAF sensor. also common exhaust leak place is the down pipe after the turbo. what i did was i got my shop vac and put the hose so it blows air out and i shoved it in the exhaust pipe with some napkins to seal it. then i sprayed soapy water on all the connections, if its leaking you will see it bubble. goodluck and hopefully its not the cat thats bad, mine was the cat. also check the o2 sensor
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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