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Julian, Ive had a 2.0t Vector for 18months and 27K, and i love it so much so i worry the missus.
The 1.8t is basically the same as the 2.0t but detuned from 175 to 150bhp, which you may find isnt enough to hauk the weight arounf of the ;vert. But that can be easily sorted for £500ish with a PPC (check the mods forum) which is a plug in electonic device which will up the power to 204bhp which is Aero territory.
My honest advise would be to consider a pre-reg'd Aero (theres plenty about for the same cash as a new 1.8t) and you get the power, the bodykit, better brakes, etc etc.
But anyway i'm of for a topless blast round the country roads of Leicestershire this sunny morning.. bye:cool:.
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