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I have had an Aero convertible now for almost 6 months.. love every second of it! and use the roof down as much as the weather allows (but i am in Australia.. so that probably says a bit :D)

There were a few querky problems for the first couple of days, such as the roof refusing to work, but after disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, all was good (i assume it was still fairly dead from shipping etc.) the car has been perfect ever since!

Also think about getting the windshield, it is expensive but makes a HUGE difference on freeways etc.. it is a bit of a pain to store it in the boot (it takes up a fair bit of room in there), but i only usually have 2 ppl in the car, so mine is almost permanently in (it folds down to stop any view restriction out the back when the roof is up)

Definantly get an "as new" Aero if you can, The 2.0t is nice, but the 2.0T is something else.. especially coupled with the nice sports suspension..
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