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Would a stainless exhaust from the flexi pipe back for a saab 9-3 turbo fit on a non turbo? Its for a 1999 model.


If not, does anyone know where in the uk I can get a stainless system for my non turbo???
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i don't know if the turbo exhaust will fit, and i don't know anyplaces over in the UK. but i know that you can easily get a custom job done on it. i got a custom 2.25" exhaust will a mangaflow muffler for about $235 (i have a '98 900S NA). sounds great, gives me a little more power and looks good to. i say if you can find a custom muffler shop, get them to do it. but if not, you can use that jetex.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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