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On our '05 9-5 Arc, in the center of the firewall side of the valve cover, a white plastic check valve is clipped to the valve cover, joining two hoses.

When the right side nipple is broken, it throws P0455 code, "gross evaporative emission system leak."

On the valve is the number 130139, and it looks something like this, but all white.

This one is a 1998-2005 Volkswagen Passat Emission Check Valve Replacement.

Is this what I need for the Saab?

Second question - the nipple is broken off in the hard plastic line. It won't come out using thin tip pliers. Is it necessary to replace the entire section of hard line? If one cuts off the section with the tip in it, then the hard line is pulled at an angle to mate up with the new valve. Not a good thing in my experience.

jack vines
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