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Does anyone know the et of the saab 9-5 aero 17inch 3 spoke alloys ?
it does not seem to be stamped on them
Also ive heard that the saab 9-5 is good for et35 - 45 and maybe even 49 ?

Any confirmations
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Your right, there is a small figure 49 on mine and the good news is my replacements are 9 or 10mm less at et39 or 40 and this makes a super difference in the way they sit on car, just a little wider ( like kermits) and it looks much meaner :cool: . I will post a some pics when i finish my hotstickerpart 2.

Kermit - you just beat me to the punch when u locked that tireloadpost as i had prepared a 45 minutute ;oops: reply , but when i posted it, it was too late and i did not save it.
Oh well, such is life
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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