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Hi friends. Don't hate me for starting a new thread. I've been reading here, as well as on other Saab sites, about engine whining sounds. I'm taking it in tomorrow to have some other repairs done but wanted to gain as much insight into this specific problem as possible to help the mechanics.

The car: 2009 Saab 9-5 2.3t | 108,000 miles | automatic

The problem: whining noise on start up and during acceleration

Here in St. Louis, I first noticed the startup whine back in October when we had a couple of cold days. Did a little research at that point and realized it might be engine sludge--I promptly freaked out and got it to a Saab indy ASAP. They, go figure, couldn't recreate the noise but did a quick check of the oil pan which turned up no signs of sludge. He did mention that it might be the alternator and that from his visual inspection the current one was not from the factory. For a while after that the problem went away. Then back in December the whining came back every cold start. To be honest, I just thought maybe since it was bitter cold that the car was just gonna do that until it warmed up. Now--literally as of today--I notice a whining while I drive and when I rev the engine in park. Power seems to be fine but that noise is making me uncomfortable. I had to drive through about 3/4 of a foot of water recently as we had a flood and for a bit afterwards my serpentine belt chirped pretty bad--that noise is mostly gone now but I do have a whine.

After reading this, I feel like I may have answered my own question that the alternator is going bad but I'd like some more experienced opinions please. Let me know if I left out any useful information.

Thanks all!
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