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Had my 2006 9-3 estate with the 2.8t V6 (auto) for about two weeks now and had no major issues so far (apart from a bit of coolant escaping but was topped back up)

On Sunday afternoon I drove less than a mile when the car started to judder quite violently at low rpm then just died, after starting it up (in park) the whole car still shook until it died about 20 seconds later. This kept happening so I called my insurance for recovery.

Got told at the roadside it's a misfire on one of the back cylinders but if I drove and kept the revs above 1.5k it would get me home - which I did.

Plugged in my OBD reader at home and getting the following codes;
P0016 - Crank-Cam position correlation
P0300 - Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected
P0301 - cylinder 1 misfire
P0303 - cylinder 3 misfire
P0305 - cylinder 5 misfire

Seems strange that all misfires are on the same bank so what are your thoughts - CPS is faulty? 02 sensor for that side is faulty? Open to all ideas.

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