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After running the engine threw a few heat cycles last night I let her rest over night but made sure to go to the Starbucks on the far side of town this morning. She feels so much better!!

The run down on my car...
2000 2.3t auto
Custom intake (open filter behind corner light)
Mid muffler delete
Port matched intake manifold and head
Ported polished TB
Very ported and polished exaust manifold and head
Ported polished turbo exhaust housing

All the porting was done because I had a bad head on the car and since I had one on the bench I went to town on it. I figured it couldn't hurt. I have only had the car a few months and I need to focus on my truck build so the Saab is being modded on a low budget for now. Hence no tune yet.

This morning I took the car out for it's first trip with the new head. WOW!! Granted the car hasn't run quite right since I got it but WOW what a difference. Low end power is up substantially! Before I didn't have any power until 3000-3500rpm but now it goes right out of the gate. It's been raining hard here all morning so I have no real butt dino confirmation bit it never had any trouble pulling out in the wet but now the TCS light is working overtime. The GT17 always spooled quick being so small but I used to hear it build up but not its instantly spooled.

Granted some of this could be due to having new gaskets and being spotless inside but I like to think the 12 hours on the bench has something to do with it. I hope when I upgrade exhaust and get a tune it's just that much better still.
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