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Hello fellow Saabers.....long time no see for sure but I am really busy lately

(not only because of the situation in Greece...the pressure is much heavier than you think and its mostly economical and social)

Well lets go back on topic.

I have had problems locking and unlocking the car for the past year but pulling the positive terminal of the battery for a couple of minutes seemed to save the day.....until lately that no matter how many times and how long i left the car without the battery power the problem was still there.

So i had to visit my local dealership.

TechII and a full erase and reflash of the ICM module along with a charge of 45euro.

Car is back to normal and no matter how many times we tried to push the car system to the limit by locking unlocking for about 100times there is just no problem at all.

So this thread is to let you know that if you encounter a persistent problem with any electrical gremlins on your car unplugging the battery may not be the best and final way to do it.

As the mechanic said to me......unplugging the battery is bad for the car......because it does not a full and clean erase and rewriting process as the TechII fault codes and other garbage pile up on the rom thus you risk frying your ecu from overload.
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