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Finished my Eibach install. I am very happy with the results. This is in combo with my previously installed Koni's, upgraded rear bar, and poly rack bushing. Car is a 9-3 'vert.

Ride is smooth, no harshness at all, no extra bounce. Just plain feels better. Much flatter in corners and less understeer. No more feeling that the rear inside end is leaning up badly and pushing down the nose on the outside front corner. No more front-to-rear weight transfer motion when shifting gears - car stays flat, actually improves shifting. Much more controllable and predictable in the corners, whereas before it was a risk to track close to the inside edge of the corner as tracking was not predictable or constant.

Looks better and actually feels like it's at the correct height when sitting the pilot's seat (instead of that "I'm in a Land Rover" feeling of the stock height).

Actual drop seems to be about 1" at the front and 1.25" at the rear. I expect it will settle a wee bit more. I did as much manual settling as I could :) I'll post in the Spring Height Survey in a month or so.

Only negative is that it has accentuated the rutted road 'vert scuttle shake a wee bit but I expected that with the stiffer springs. More controllable, but a little more shake. I expect that the 6pt subframe brace will take care of that (next mod!).
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