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I have a 1999 9-5 SE 2.3t and am looking for information regarding ECU upgrades. Does anyone have information on how options from Abbott racing and BSR compare. I have heard that there is an ECU upgrade from Hirsch, but have not found anything yet. I am also considering just swapping for the Aero computer. Has anyone done this or have information on what i need for the swap?

Hi Deluca welcome to Saab Central. As you can imagine this is a very popular question, if you hit the search button and go to advanced search, type in ecu upgrade and search the 9-5 forum you will find tons of info on this subject.

Personally I am an Abbott fan, primarily because they are my local garage :cheesy: . However they have recently been spending alot of time upgrading thier software packages and my opinion is they are very good.. Hirsh is Saabs own performance upgrade and if youve got the cash is possibly the best one to get. But I dont believe its available everywhere :(

The BSR PPC, is the I think the cheapest Ecu upgrade you can get and is very easy to use. Many of our members have it and have given great reports..

Finn :)
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