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Just thought I'd post a little thing showing some of the improvments I made in the last few months of 2009 to my 2002 Saab 9-3 SE Convertible (link below).

Most of ideas, assistance, guides... came from this forum and the saablink forum. Thanks to all of you!

The attached (pdf) diddy should depict the following improvements:
* Pioneer AVIC-F700BT HeadUnit (GPS, Bluetooth, iPod & Sirius (or "howard"))
* eCode Lenses (if you do this, don't touch the silver reflector and for pete's sake don't try to cover your tracks w/ windex) :nono;,
* NightBreaker Bulbs (fog and headlight),
* Power Inverter (under the DS Seat), and
* some other minor things, including aftermarket mats and some comparisons (i.e. "with" and "without" kinda stuff).

And... for some reason I left out the Rear Speaker replacement... I did that as well--
* Installed Polk Audio db 651 coaxial speakers in the rear.

And, if you want to hear something funny... after I finished installing both of the Polk's (which involved removing both rear side panels), I reached into my pocket to find 4 screws... :confused: screws that are used to hold the speakers in place. That's gonna have to wait for another day b/c removing and reseting those rear panels were a PITA bigtime!

I hope this inspires others. Feel free to pop me a line and I'll be more than happy to share my hardache and my thoughts on how much it sucked not having enough room to properly hide any aftermarket wires and accessories due to a lack of space behind the scenes (if you have ever done a headunit install in your Saab you know exactly what I am talking about)

Next up...
Sound Deadening (not so much for car audio improvement but to limit outisde, road, tire noise).

Maybe an AMP (install behind the seat), a Sub (one of those enclosures in the spacious trunk), some Components in the Doors (kappas?), and maybe even a Rearview Camera that I have already pre-wired by routing the necessary cables to the trunk (likely one of those cheap ones I can buy from china for like 20 bucks or so... just in case it gets ripped-off).

Oh Yeah...
I am working on a theft deterrent system. I post that real soon right here. Stayed tuned!

Hey, now it's a Collectors Item -- Make it Yours! SAAB R.I.P.

(I tried to attach this pdf to this post but it's too large, so I used a service that was actually designed by my college friend. It should take you right to my Saab Capzle. If there is a better way to post something like this, please tell... I am somewhat new).

153 Posts
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Whoops. Links to My Improvements . . .

Just realized that the links to the specific items that I installed are not "live" inside the capzle ;oops:... so here are the links in order of appearance...


(the H1’s):

(the H4’s):

The Free Bulbs:

The Floor Mats:

The Power Inverter:
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