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Dyna Beads For Alloy Wheel Balancing?

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So I am just about ready to mount my new to me Aero wheels. I have found the worse damage was caused by the lead weights that the last owner had put on to balance the wheels. I would not like to have these put on again after all the work I have put on them. I have found these Dyna Beads .

They sound very good but I have never really heard of them before. Any other solutions would be welcome.
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Typically what are used in this case are called stick-on weights. But they are not as accurate as clip-ons.

This is an interesting solution however.
read the testamonials off that site, seems like truckers and RV's.

the big mention to me was how one person was very happy with
how they were holding up at 70mph.............:roll::roll:

Interesting stuff, but I would like to see some kind of Hi-Perf review....

Stick-on wheel weights are widely used with no problems. In fact, they're more likely to stay in place because centrifugal force will press them more firmly against the inside of the wheel.

You should be able to get the sticky weights from any decent tyre shop.

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I took a trip to one of the tire shops near me today just to check on mounting prices and what they use for balancing the alloy wheels. Well he gave me a price of $25.00 per wheel. Then he showed me the plastic covered weights that they will use along with the stick on weights. They will use the lead weights on the inside of the wheels. So I am happy with that.

Now my Saabs' alignment has always been just fine. Very even tire wear and straight as a dye steering. But these wheels may just need to be aligned, as the offset is different. First the rear wheels cannot be aligned or so I have been told. Is this true? I think that I will just run them for a week as they are and just see how they feel. Any thoughts on the alignment question to do it or not and about the rear wheels would be welcomed.
When i got my wheels balanced i just asked them to use stick on weights on the inside and they were happy enough to!

And yes, the back end of the car is fixed.
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