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sounds like you wasted your money on MBC instead of fixing what is wrong with your car
send it back if you paid anything over $30

if you're only running 5psi, sounds like you're running base boost
make sure you have no vacuum/boost leaks
is your BPC plugged in?
is it connected the right way?
if both yes, then you need to replace it and go from there

the dual stage boost controllers i see from turbosmart are all over $200
you could fix your boost issue and get a Stage 1 tune (which is much better than an MBC) for that amount and still have money left over

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Wouldn't running a MBC bypass the APC completely though? so buying a new APC would be futile... i already have the mbc installed so, i can't return it.

Im assuming nothing is wrong with my turbo.
Running an MBC bypasses the BPC, correct.
But in doing so you take away the ability of the ECU to pull back boost in case of knock.. In other words you could be running "safe" boost levels, but the engine could ping its as.s off and still ruin the engine. The ECU wont be able to do a thing.

I have a handful of good used BPC I wouldn't mind selling for a good deal.
and you could get a Stage1 tune for less than $100 and get better performance than from an MBC while still keeping the safety feature of the ECU actually controlling the engine

I see...
Okay, so my first step would be to try and find out why i'm only boosting at 5psi.
First culprit would be the APC, if i'm correct in saying so?
any other things to look for?

Well seeing that i already have my MBC installed and there's absolutely no way of me returning it. I guess i either take a hit, remove the mbc.
Replace the APC and then go from there. My stock boost pressure should be around? 8-9?

I hate to sound like an ignorant *******, but I'm trying to way out all my possibilities of getting my saab pacing.
check for boost leaks and test out to see if the BPC is working (let us know if you need help with this)

clean up the mbc kit and box it up and try and send it back... just bs and say it was never installed (worth a try)
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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