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Drivers door not opening

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So my drivers door does not open from inside or outside. The remote unlocks all other doors and also the little knob on the drivers door pops up. So the question is why does it not open ? Is it electrical or mechanical? I understand the problems there is with these locks when either the outside or inside won’t open but with mine neither work. So are they joined mechanically somewhere or is it electrical. The drivers outside door handle does seem not as crisp when lifting up opposed to the other door handles. I know I have the problem of taking the door card off as well. Thank you in advance.
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Mechanical problem. You need to remove door card.
Door card coming off tomorrow I have my mechanic doing it. I didn’t know should I buy a lock from eBay but as it mechanical my mechanic maybe able to fix. Thank you for your answers I do appreciate them. Can I ask you do both the outer and inner door handle rods to the lock join on a center spigot or something similar or looking at the passenger side lock could there be a spring which lifts the lock bar up which may have slipped out or broken.? Regards Mike
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