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1993 Saab 900c Turbo convertible:

I followed the Bentley instructions to remove the door panel, moisture barrier, and inner window rubber seal.
The next step was : remove the two # 30 Torx screws that hold the glass to the regulator - did that.
AOK so far.
Next, " rotate the window to vertical and lift out" .

Big issue:
my window glass has a metal foot held by Torx screws at the base of the glass PLUS it has a large sized ( think half golf ball ) black knob which acts as an upper limit stopper on both the leading edge of the base of the window glass and also at the trailing edge of the window glass. I believe that the black knob acts to prevent the window from going too high when you raise the electric window.

This large bulbous stopper on each end is obstructing the upward removal of the glass window.
What is the trick to remove the glass window out of the door panel?
Bentley is silent about this issue.


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