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I bought my car 2 months ago, and while i love the way it drives, handles and looks, it is NOISY. I just got back from CT, my first long trip in it (2500 mi), and am disappointed at its noise level. I can't understand how similar priced cars seem so much more solid, all because of the stupid rattles. I am going to try and fix them, but its certainly going to be a process...

Driving through bumpy roads in CT, my wife said "sounds like the car is going to fall apart"

BTW, when i was shopping for a car, it was between a 2000-2002 SE, or a 2003+ 9-3. The 2003+ style just appealed to me more...

Oh, and the hatch appeales to me. I wish they made the 2003+ style in a hatch....

my suspension has a crunch when it is below 32F, but after the car has warmed up it goes away... Not worried about that

It is more interior creeks and rattles, the sunroof rattles, and the dash creeks.

this is just like mine, except 5 speed. The creeks are coming from the black radio surround. The part in the top 2/3rd of the picture, and it holds the radio, and spedo cluster. I can push on it and it creeks..

looks exactly like my car

This place always needs more pics :)

Anybody know how to fix the squeaking creaking from the dash, or the rattle from the sunroof? The sunroof rattle is on the passenger side, and it looks like a black plastic accordian piece. I am going to look at it closer when i get time...

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