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I bought Infinity Kappa 60.5cs (components)
and Kappa 693.7s (6x9s)
as well as a reference 475a 4ch (75rms) amp

Ive had this **** for a while and just bought the cables/wires needed for the job... My dad and myself were going to install it in my 99 9-3 when i get back from school (thanksgiving break). I have little knowledge in the area, but im a fairly smart guy so i think i could figure it out... my dad also hooked up quite a few stereos in the day i guess... so i figured i could save $250-300 and we could do it ourselves...

at the sametime i know the installation is as important as the speakers, yall think i should bite the bullet and cough up some more cash (already put in about a grand so far) or am I over worrying the project?
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