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Fuse F8 (2007 SS) in the trunk (listed as trailer power) appears to always be powered.

Use an "add a curcuit" as shown in and then go buy a 12V Y-adaptor

(might as well get 2 parts for your $$ :)... cut off one of the jacks.. strip the wires (assuming you know how to do this) and attach the power lead of the jack (the one connected to the bottom center of the jack) to the add-a-cicuit, and ground the remaining lead (you'll need a multimeter to ohm this out).. or you can play dumb luck (50% odds), if you have some accessory you don't care about :) ie. one of my USB plugs has a small LED on it.. that should do the trick in a pinch to see if you picked correctly.

I had intended this for my Bluetooth GPS unit (talks to my PDA).. but later discovered the unit "helpfully" shuts itself off when it loses its BT connection (sigh), so I didn't end up using it, but the 12v-to-USB adaptor (that I plug the GPS unit into for power) had an LED and that was on every time I checked.

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