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Some Background.

The digital clock and edu on my 1995 9000CSE V6, was dimmer than I recalled on my previous 9000, when I purchased earlier this year. Thinking that this was down to the sensor on the clock unit, I secured a freebie replacement clock ( keeping the original of course ), and the brightness was back to normal.

There has been no problem since, until a couple of days ago, when the clock and edu went dim again, as I drove for 3 or 4 miles, and then restored itself to correct brightness. The next day, the displays were dim, and have been ever since.

I find it hard to believe now that it is the sensor at fault, if it was in the first instance. Surely I could not have faulty sensors in both clock/computer units.

1. The display appears brighter when the sidelights or headlights are on, than if they are not on.
2. If, when the ignition is switched off, I press the info button, the normal way of illuminating the clock, the brightness of the display is as it ought to be, but isn't when the ignition is switched on.
3. I have noticed too, recently, that the led's of the ACC are also very slightly dimmer than they ought to be, in addition to the clock and ecu problem.

Is this an earth problem? An ignition switch problem? Is there a resitor somewhere that needs attention?

Your thoughts and ideas appreciated. I cannot find any information on this kind of problem.

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