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Should I change the oil in my car even though it has only been driven about 600 miles since the last change. Problem is,the last oil change was about a year ago.
The oil still looks almost new.What to do?:confused:
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This is certainly NOT a stupid question and I have seen my share of stupid questions on different car blogs. IMHO I see many many more stupid answers than questions. I would not worry too much about changing the oil in this case if money is an issue - as long as you don't have any problems with the car e.g. coolant "dissappering". That having been said, for $20 it can never hurt to change the oil. I also give thumbs up to Castrol GTX even for Turbos. Been using it exclusively for more years than I care to admit and my high-milage engines are always sparkling clean. My 91 Saab Turbo I have been driving for 12 years daily approaching 200k miles has had only GTX - its the energizer bunny...


1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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