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Should I change the oil in my car even though it has only been driven about 600 miles since the last change. Problem is,the last oil change was about a year ago.
The oil still looks almost new.What to do?:confused:
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FWIW that was NOT a dumb such thing in the car world and the replies prove it. We will always be here to help ;)

If it's a non-turbo [I think it is] use Castrol GTX 10w30. Total w/filter should be about $25.00. If you take it to a service station make sure you point out where the drain plug is so they don't drain the transmission! It's the one towards the front of the car. And if at all possible buy a filter from eeuroparts or Saab. Someone here may have a recomendation for an off the shelf filter.

I also recomend starting the car and taking it for a spin until fully warm at least once a month...this is good to keep all of the moving parts happy.
I used GTX on all of my prior cars [944, 951, 308, etc] but on this one I decided to go with Mobil 1 Synthetic. Good stuff and I am a lucky one, it never needs topping off...even at 170+ K. Changed the tranny to Redline. Smooth as silk.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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