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Should I change the oil in my car even though it has only been driven about 600 miles since the last change. Problem is,the last oil change was about a year ago.
The oil still looks almost new.What to do?:confused:
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Yeah this is probably one of those 10 hotly debated topics of all time (for car people)...

Oil gets contaminated with moisture and other crap over time (especially if the engine never gets up to temp). The detergents in modern oil add a whole complexity to "oil." I wouldn't think detergent breakdown would be an issue (you'll just have oil...), more likely as too much particles and crap get in the oil they fail to keep things disperse causing nasty mixtures.

I've been changing the oil on my s10 every year for the past 3-4 years and I've maybe traveled 2000 miles (of course it has 198k on the original engine, head gasket; it's even over heated a few times due to rusty coolant and freeze out plug nightmare). Now I have a friend with 2 trucks ('70s f350 and '80s chevy) that have both driven as farm vehicles and the oil has not been changed on either one of them for 4 years.

Oil will breakdown but older engines will have a tolerance for it (why they got crappier gas mileage). I've seen jeeps pulled out of barns, hooked up to an aux. gas tank, fresh battery, and away it went! Of course the oil was later changed during restoration.

For a newer car, I would change the oil every 6 months but a c900 is slightly older, I might go once a year. Almost any oil filter is good (except for cheap frams at wal mart, even wal mart brand filters are better).
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