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Should I change the oil in my car even though it has only been driven about 600 miles since the last change. Problem is,the last oil change was about a year ago.
The oil still looks almost new.What to do?:confused:
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This is the dumbest (sorry) question I have EVER heard! Oil never goes bad. Its been sitting undergound for over 2000 years for goodness sake! It would only go bad after a LONG LONG time! By that I mean sitting in the engine for 30 years.
Danger Will Robinson -:eek: - sorry - I'm old - while the oil may not go bad the stuff added to the oil decays over time - there are detergents and other "stuff" added to those dead dinos that help keep your engine alive - I'd change the oil and the filter - that's why they recommend both mileage (like "every 3000 miles) and time (like "every six months") -
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