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My 04 Aero with 6 speed manual transmission became difficult to shift into R, 1, 2, and 5th gears. It was almost impossible to shift into 6th gear.

I followed the "Adjustment of gear cables" bulletin and that helped some. It now shifts into 6th normally, but 1st is still difficult. But when making the adjustments things lined up outside of the adjustment limits. The end of the shift cable is "racked" with gear teeth that are locked in the "cable adjuster". While in the "adjustment position", the racked portion of the cable was extending outside of the cable adjuster. When its like this I was unable to close and lock the cable adjusters into place. I ended up setting it at its max instead of how it lined up.
Difficult without photos I know.

I partially fixed the symptom, but clearly something happened to throw this all out of alignment. Any thoughts?

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