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Hello all,

I am looking at replacing my 03 Aero, with another aero in the year range of 2007-2009. I was hoping to have some advice and knowledge sent my way to help me make a decision.

My questions are as follows:

1. between an 07 and 09 aero, are there any striking differences that I should know about? are the 09's improved, more reliable, or do they use better parts?

2. how about the navigation screens? are the nav screens in the 07's the same as those in the 09's? another question i have about the navigation head units, do they allow for car stereo connection?

3. Anything else I should know? With Saab going byebye, how available are parts? whether it be bumpers or transmissions?

4. If i am buying from a dealer in a different state that "guarantees" an inspection, would you still recommend i have a 3rd party mechanic in the area look at the vehicle?

Thank you in advance for anyone gracious enough to share advice.
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