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diesel pump

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Hi all hope someone can help me out.
Have a 2001 2.2tid.
Has been running great but now has a very loud vibrating/ grinding noise.
When first started its ok but after approx 30 seconds this loud noise starts.
A friend of mine looked at it and thinks its the diesel pump.
He thinks its a full engine out to replace it, is this so.
How hard is this job and anybody any idea of costs, hope someone can help

cheers ken
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I found the injection pump in the EPC and it appears to be chain driven off the crankshaft. Since I can't see a picture of the injection pump mounted to the engine, my best guess is that it is mounted directly to the end of the engine on the left side (when viewed from the front of the car). You should be able to look at that side of the engine and see the hard fuel injection line attached to the pump and then to the intake side of the engine.

Once you find it, start the engine and hold a blunt (not sharp) broomstick to the pump and hold the other end to your ear. If it's making noise, you willl hear it.

Since it runs off a chain on the end of the crankshaft, the engine may very well need to come out to repair it, unless it can come out through the driver's side (RHD) wheel well... Ron
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