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It helped a little, but not a whole lot. Enough, though, that the TP roll can turn it without breaking. :D

Quick walkthrough:

Pull the glovebox. Six screws and a bolt for me.

Here's the duct that has to come out. It doesn't have any fasteners, just pop it off. It's easier to do the side closest to the door first, then the one on the distribution box.

This is where you put the screw. Turn it in until you feel resistance, then do a quarter turn at a time, checking the results at the knob. When a turn no longer makes a difference, you're there.

Screw in, and the air set to the front vents.

Screw in, and the air set to the defroster.

It made a difference, but not a huge one. Once I get a new knob, we'll see if that's enough. I will say that I no longer feel like I'm gonna break the TP roll.

That grease was there. Adding some dry lube wasn't going to help anything with that everywhere. :(
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