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A few weeks ago my car, 1999 9-5 v6 Griffin, started having a intermittent miss which has got progressively worse but nonetheless is still intermittent. This can happen at anytime, ie when under load or idling when stationary, but generally only starts when it has reached normal operating temperature.

Having read this forum for a few days I have come to the conclusion that I have a problem with a DI cassette, unless you guys think differently? Incidentally I checked out a supplier mentioned in a previous post;

"I bought the DI's from


Euro SAAB parts in Pembrokeshire.

£199.93 for two, including vat and carriage.
They are in the Saab Central listings, but there was no mension of them being so keenly priced."

I sent the above an email and was quoted "£123.33 plus vat and delivery at £9.95". Anyone know of any place better?

Should add I am looking for a contact to recondition my ABS module if anybody knows a good one. (Read that as cheap one) Noticed on a Volvo forum that some of these guys do their own is there anyone here had a go?
Sorry for such a convoluted first post.


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You need to get the car on a Tech 2 for a conclusive diagnosis. It can count the number of cylinder misfires and identify the faulty DI. There's a company on Ebay who sell refurb'd ABS units for several vehicles that use the same Bosch supplied part. (look under car parts-Saab)

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Hi Johnny

When i bought the D.I's I was told by the supplier that a price rise was due very soon. When i spoke to other suppliers I was told the same thing, my local main agent said they were already charging the NEW prices when I asked them for a quote.
It look's like i got mine just in time.
I only replaced one and I keep the other as a spare in the boot.
It was the front D.I. that was causing the problem, I think it might run a bit hotter because its under the plastic cover, where the back D.I. is more in the open and might run a bit cooler.
I didn't bother to have the codes read, right from the start i suspected the D.I. was the cause, and most of the replys to my thread seemed to agree with my suspicions.
So I thought "sod it, go for it" and may be I was just lucky, but problem solved.
If I didn't say it before then "Thanks lads for confirming my suspicions and saving me from a bill of well over £440".
One thing that helped me to decide to "go for it" was, I intend to keep this car for a few more years yet, and D.I.'s on the V6 are a common replacement around or just after the 100K miles mark.

You will have to make up your own mind on that.

I searched for a long time to get the best price, and I dont think you will get a better price than eur-saab-parts.
I even had a quote from one of the second hand suppliers advertised on this site, their quote was higher than I paid for new. personaly I dont think second hand is worth considering.

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