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Bought my car last year with 0000 miles from Saab France at an excellent price. They had pre-registered it so it was not "new". I thought it was a 2003..

But I checked the plate today and manufactured 10 - 2002...
must have been one of the first born, chassis number 009015.

She is not getting old, but am thinking of getting another before problems start.
Checked Saab France and the only Aero they are selling is the V6, however I can get a Vector with the 210 motor but only 6 speed box, I am happy with the 5. If I can finance it that is the way I will go. But this time I'll try and get the whole GPS/Navigation system and pre-installed cell-phone. Not getting any richer but it might be my last new car before retirement.. and after that ?

Any input as to which model you would buy today?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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