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custom subwoofer install ideas

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I am looking to custom install a subwoofer using fiberglass and fleece, I have done this type of box before in my jeep with good luck. I am not putting a big subwoofer and amp that will piss off all my neighboors, I think that is stupid plus damaging to your hearing, I just want it to make my music have more depth. unfortunately, I am out of ideas on how to make it look.
I was thinking cutting a 20" circle out of that board thing in the back of my hatchback, and make a 10" ring then make it look as if the sub was "sinking" through the back cover almost as if it were melting around the sub.
I hope it makes sense how I described it
What do you guys think? yay or nay?
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Where does the sound come out? Looks like the speaker is sealed in a box??

Best sounds I have had were from 10" very high power sub in a smallish sealed box along with a very good quality beefy amp.

Very accurate and tuneful with no annoying woolyness you get from silly overblown over ported designs.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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