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Creaking noise in front end

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I have had a very annoying problem for the past few weeks on my 02' aero 5 spd.

Some times when I start out in 1st gear and apply a moderate amount of torque (ie gas) I will get a creaking sound from the right front suspension area. The noise will continue as long as there is a moderate amount of power being applied and some times continue a bit into second gear as well. As soon as I take my foot of the gas it goes away.

What is interesting is that it only happens when the car is dirty, if I take it to the car wash and power wash off the undercarriage it goes away until the car gets dirty again. It also seems to be a little bit worse if I am making a slight right hand turn. The creak does not change with engine speed, vehicle speed or bumps.

I have checked the front end out, sway bar bushings, tie rod ends, ball joints,sub frame busings etc. as well as the motor mounts. All seems good. I have also taken it to a very good saab mechanic who works on these things all day long. Can't find it, anyone have this problem before?
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Sway bar end links? I've had to change them twice on my '01 and once on my '05 - they either get loose and make clunky noises, or rust tight and make creaky noises.

easy enough to jack up both side equally (let both wheels hang down) and remove one end of the sway bar link to check both ends for play/binding.
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