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Hi. I just replaced my harmonic balancer because the old one had some messed up threads (split my belt down the middle) [I don't know how that happened I'm guessing that some metal or a rock got caught in it...]
Three days after I changed it. The bolt got loose and it stopped spinning. So I tried tightening it and it wouldn't stay tight kept on loosening up.
I took it out and it was cracked here is a photo of the crack :eek:

Now it had a warranty so they sent me a new one. I decided this time to replace the seal pulled the old one out and I saw the nose/snout was spinning freely.

My Question is: Behind the seal there is a mold where the harmonic balancer fits into. Is that supposed to be turning with the crankshaft (bec mine isn't)
Or only the bolt keeps it spinning and that mold just keeps it in place??
I'm thinking that I might have busted something and thats why its split....


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