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1991 900 Monte Carlo T16S Convertible, 136000 miles, standard apart from K&N Cone filter, red APC box, Abbott exhaust (no Cat).

Car dives well, but when going from light throttle to moderate acceleration it coughs, splutters and sometimes pops before going properly. When it goes, it goes! Doesn't do it all the time (naturally - all faults like this are intermittent aren't they?), but when it does it's infuriating.

I noticed my vacuum pipes were old - so I replaced them.
I noticed my distributor cap was slightly cracked - so I replaced it (and rotor arm).
Plugs are fine, new Magnecor leads on order but old ones look OK anyway.

On my old T16S 3-door, if the Jubilee clips on the turbo hoses weren't absolutely tight, I got the same symptoms - so I checked those. (All OK).

No smoke, no warning lights (ignition etc).

Any ideas?

Incidentally: Amused at being called a "Junior Member" at 36!!:cheesy:
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