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SAAB Cosmic Blue 93 SE low pressure turbo 2002. Located in Kent and my pride for 10 years. Very well looked after. An absolute workhorse that has many many more thousands of miles in her. She goes like a rocket.
Just one too many issues for my ultra busy life right now and I have a new Saab coming Wednesday and need her off the drive.
An totally honest review here. I have taken pics without cleaning (but I can do this for you) to show her at her worst. If you like her in this pics you'll adore her when she's clean.
I will only sell as a project to do her up and get her running.
149,000 miles. Low pressure Turbo SE. Folder with tonnes of paper work. Annual oil changes.
So, the issues:
MOT passed and valid to 14 September shows these advisories
Nearside Rear Coil spring corroded (5.3.1 (b) (i))
Offside Rear Coil spring corroded (5.3.1 (b) (i))
rear exhaust corroded
Offside Rear Nail in tyre ()
Offside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge (5.2.3 (e))
Oil leak, but not excessive (8.4.1 (a) (i))
The nail in tyre gives us a slow puncture.
Rear wiper needs reseating as shown.
Rear NS door wont stay open
Ariel wont go lower than shown but goes up and back
Engine warning light - best guess an air leak
Squeal on a belt pully
Plastic runner board on driver side loose
Oil leaks as shown in MOT
Slight water ingress into the boot as shown
Rust patches and one dent on wheelarches as shown - rust well away from seat belt points
Alarm won't stop when battery connected but ok while driving. I think this is an easy fix but I'm too rushed to investigate.
Brand new turbo sensor
New turbo 2 years ago
New clutch 2 years ago
Other new parts as you go slightly further back like two new front shocks.
HUGE boot space!!
Offers to take her and do her up...???

Update: she's had a other new items such as brakes and discs and a water pump. Had thousands spent on her. Drivers will look in their mirror and tell you that YR02 YOT looks like TOY STORY in reverse!! a nice quirk of only this Saab! She's been cleared out and ready to go today. Serious enquiries please.


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