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Alright gentlemen, some of you may know I've been sorting issues on my new-to-me-Aero, which was all Abbotted out when I got it, ECU included. I went from being stuck in base boost and a check engine light (O2 Sensor issue) to realizing the full potential of the hardware and software upgrades. The wastegate rod clip was missing, the spark plugs were all fouled because they were too cold a plug, the BPC valve was dead, and the pcv check valve was missing among the issues. Cheers to all who helped directly or posted in the past to help!

Fast forward to last week: Under full throttle the boost gauge pins several clicks past the end of the red and off we go! The boost comes fast and strong, but I still had that pesky check engine light until a couple days ago. The previous owner had installed a universal type O2 sensor and spliced it in, so it was very suspect. Over the weekend I installed the proper Bosch O2 sensor, reset the ECU and no more check engine light since! Great success! The only issue is that although the boost delivery is much smoother and the engine seems to run generally better, the 'butt dyno' tells me is that it's a tad slower. Under full throttle now, the turbo needle only goes slightly past the red zone, and I really have to work to get it there. Maybe I need to do an adaptation run? What's your thoughts guys?

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