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coolant question

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i have a 96 900SE, and i would like to flush the cooling system before summer here. any of you guys using those prestone back flush systems? also, does the 96 require the green or orange coolant? i believe 96 is the year that GM came out with the orange stuff, but my car still has the green in it, and was wondering if thats the way it should be, or if i should use the orange.


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I have a '94 and it also came with green stuff when I bought it. I haven't used the backflush kit, but I suspect it's not so necessary these days.

From what I've read here and elsewhere, probably almost any kind will do. However the important thing is not to mix different kinds. So when you drain out the old stuff, fill it up with clean water several times, running it up to temperature with the heater turned on then drain it. Distilled water is a good idea for the last rinse or two and for the final fill. The fill flush and rinse routine is very important if you go with the orange "dexcool" stuff if you want to avoid making precipitates and be able to use the extended drain interval.

Based on what I read at this link, I decided to go with the Mercedes brand antifreeze. Thesaaabsite and also sell Pentosin antifreeze, which was the original equipment.
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