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coolant pump repair how much?

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Hello My 94 is leaking coolant from the pump where it bolts to the engine (only leaks when it's running). I have an appointment at the dealer on Wednesday , does anyone know How much this can cost me?
Also the thermostat doesn't work and the fan comes on/off as soon as I put the key in the egnition, the hoses are soft (no pressure).
Thanks for your input
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A Saab dealer will usually quote around $500 for the waterpump, about $120 for the thermostat. Not the best place for that type of work. I would shop around.

The waterpump is about $60-$70 for an aftermarket part, about $130 for the Saab part online. The thermostat is about $15.

A chain like Tires Plus will quote less than 1.5 hrs to replace a waterpump on the NG900, not sure about the thermostat. Half the dealer price.

The upper radiator hose often fails first, but in general the Saab hoses stand up ok, even though they are thinner-walled than the aftermarket replacements. That makes them softer to the touch.

The small u-shaped hose at the waterpump should be replaced at the same time, and IMO, so should the lower radiator hose, because it is a pain to have to work in that area twice, and the hose is only about $10.

p.s.: If the pump is leaking where it is attached to the engine, it may only need a new set of o-ring seals (there are two), the pump may be ok.
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