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So I have received a coolant low message again, and have scheduled my car to go into service. A few months back, I got this, as was told by the dealer to just top it off with some water (and I did). This week I got the error again. Upon inspection I have discovered that the fluid is coming out of a boil off/overflow tube on the coolant tank in the engine bay. I asked a co-worker his thoughts and he speculates that the cap, which keeps the system pressurized properly, might be defective, changing the pressure of the system, and thus the boiling point of the coolant. So the fluid is coming out of the tube because it is boiling over and out, and since the boiling point is lowered, the computer thinks everything is fine, and not boiling, because the temperature that used to be a concern is now above the new boiling point. Clearly boiling coolant is a very bad thing, which could cause many problems (warped head, overheating turbo, among other things as I understand it, if things get bad enough). Though I have not noticed any adverse effects yet, I want to cover my ***.

It has been suggested to me that I:

1) Make sure that I have documented when I first had the problem and what the dealer suggested.

2) Get a reading on the pressure cap, of what it is actually holding

3) Get pressure of the coolant system

4) Have a compression check done to make sure there are no defects there now

5) Get a reading of the coolant/anti-freeze mixture ratio as well

Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Any additions I should add? Since I followed the dealers suggestions last time this happened, I would hope they will honor my requests this time. I have it scheduled to go in on Monday to have this looked at (I've been there so much, I think they know me by my voice now :roll: ) I've got 32k miles on my car, so I don't have much longer till my warranty goes bye-bye, and want to make sure I have everything covered before that happens.
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