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So i recently upgraded my intercooler and charge air hose to the do88 big pack, which makes a huge difference BTW. I went with the newer style so i could use it on future projects. I know this particular item should be in the other forum BUT! This will apply to non-tuners as well since i believe the 2002+ charge pipe is discontinued. The main difference between the oil and the new are the sensor(s). In the old style pipe there is a charge air temp sensor screwed in the front of the pipe and a boost pressure sensor with a silicone hose coming off the back of the pipe. The new pipe houses a combination sensor with the temp and pressure sensors housed within.

I found a seller on ebay with a bunch of used charge air temp/pressure sensors with connectors. You can also buy a kit from eEuroparts as well for this very update...

This is the schematic for the new sensor (688) note the 2 'boxes' which are the 2 different sensors.

603 is the pressure sensor and 407 is the temp sensor.

Here is the 1999 IAT sensor schematic.

I have successfully covered the temp sensor part of it by splicing pin A on the new connector to wire 2 and pin B to 1.

At this time I am driving the car with it this way and it is fine. Temporarily i have run a vacuum line from the TB to the original pressure sensor. This setup is working fine for me but i want to have a more accurate pre-TB reading and delete the unneeded pressure sensor and wire it to the combination sensor..

This is the schematic for the old style sensor.

Looking at this, it seems like i can splice pin D on the new connector to pin 3 and pin C to 2 since they both go to the same pins on the pcm. That leaves an extra wire on the old car harness (#4) on the above which looks like just a ground.
I am reluctant to start wiring this in since i would have to g further back into the IAT harness and extend the wires from the old pressure sensor to reach the new sensor.

Anybody else do this update?

UPDATE: I did end up performing this rewiring. I spliced pin D on the new connector to 3 on the pressure sensor wiring, pin C to 2 and i connected pin 4 on the pressure sensor harness to pin A on the new connector with pin 2 from the IAT, Works like a charm!. I verified both sensors reading correctly by checking the PIDs on my unlocked SID.
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